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ARC: Taking Care of the Unseen

At Madison Regional Health System, we are committed to providing quality health care. To us, this means caring at even a microscopic level. Recently we implemented the use of two ARC UV-C light devices in our facility. The ARC UV-C light device emits light with germicidal properties, which destroys bacteria and viruses. The ARC UV-C light ensures that our rooms are up to 99.99% disinfected within minutes of use, boosting air quality even more and ensuring disinfected surfaces. 

The ARC UV-C light device is a smart device that monitors and records all cycle data to track usage (location, duration, and times) and monitor progress. Device features also include safety mechanisms such as motion sensors to help ensure zero human exposure to the UV-C light. A pre-cycle countdown is provided, and with intricate motion sensors, the device will not activate if anyone is present or enters the area during a cycle. UV-C light cannot penetrate glass and can be safely used around other healthcare equipment.

We are proud of our employees for their dedication to patient safety and want them to feel confident in their work. UV-C lights, used in addition to procedural cleaning and disinfecting, destroy pathogens everywhere light touches, in the air, and even on surfaces that are not easy to reach. Once employees have manually cleaned and disinfected a room, they put the UV-C light in place to leave an extra level of disinfection in our facility. Our procedures for cleaning will not ease despite the implementation of these devices, but it will give peace of mind that the invisible risks are being taken care of by our healthcare team.

The Madison Regional Health System health care team is here for you in the unseen and vital ways that can significantly affect your health. Even with the implementation of the ARC UV-C light devices, we will continue disinfectant and cleaning procedures throughout the facility. To further your safety while visiting Madison Regional Health System, the use of our Needle Point Bipolar Ionization System ensures air quality by releasing ions that seek out and destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that cause disease. 


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