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Beyond Car Seat Safety Quiz

Please answer the questions below for your chance to win one of the Beyond Car Seat Safety prize packages! The prize packages include:
Insulated Grocery Tote
Hot/Cold Pack
Magnetic Chip Clip
Hand Sanitizer
Camelbak Water Bottle
Wearable Massager
resqme® Safety Tool
MRHS Reminder Band
and more!

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Beyond Car Seat Safety Quiz
Power windows can injure a child.
You should teach your child that drivers may not be able to see them.
You should lock vehicles in your garage and driveway.
If a child is missing immediately check the pool and in any vehicles.
If it is only for a minute or two, it is okay to leave your child alone in a vehicle.
Teach your child how to look and listen for signs of a running vehicle.
Do not let children play in farm equipment or vehicles.

Madison Regional Health System does not guarantee the efficacy or safety of the products in the prize packages, is not endorsing these products or brands, and receives no compensation for using these products for promotional purposes.