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Calm During the Storm

Lacey and Kyle welcomed their first baby, Mason, into the world last fall. Lacey described their delivery experience from beginning to end with nothing but positive things to say about Madison Regional Health System, her son’s delivery team, and the care they received during their stay. While experiencing a seemingly routine delivery, unfortunate complications arose for Lacey. During what some would call a storm, Lacey was comforted, cared for, and safely came out on the other side.

“Mason is our first baby, so the whole experience was so new for us. We were planning to deliver in Madison. I was one week overdue and induced. From the time we checked in until check out, we have nothing but good things to say,” said Lacey.

Lacey described the experience of having exceptional one-to-one care in our rural facility by saying, “During the induction and even in the early stages of labor things were great, but I think the thing that really stands out to me the most is how personable and caring the staff were. They went out of their way to make us feel that way and you just don’t get that in a large facility.” Lacey said the staff also went out of their way for her husband Kyle and said the amenities available for them during their stay were wonderful.

Then, the storm came. Shortly after giving birth to Mason, Lacey experienced life-threatening complications. Lacey was emotional as she described what happened, saying, “I started to hemorrhage and that was the absolute scariest moment of my life. The care and calmness of the entire staff, how fast everyone acted, and how they kept telling me things would be fine…I’m sure that wasn’t easy for them. That is something I’ll never forget. Katera & Marissa, with all their encouragement, were the delivery nurses when Mason was born, and they were the first two people in the room when it started to happen. I’m forever grateful for all the staff that was there. It was the scariest moment of my life to think I might not be around to raise my kid.”

Even after Mason’s delivery and her emergency surgery, Lacey endured more challenges. Lacey said the support she received even when she realized that breastfeeding wouldn’t work out made her feel lucky.

“I have many friends who have had babies in the last year and have talked about how much breastfeeding gets pushed. I remember how at ease I felt when I realized it wasn’t working out. Everyone was willing to help me through it, but I got to the point that I knew it wasn’t working. I wasn’t shamed for not being able to do it. To me, that was something that was very much appreciated. I wasn’t going home feeling like I had failed.”

Their family is doing well, and Lacey wanted to share their experience with others in our community to let them know that they can deliver their babies right here in Madison and they will receive the care they need and deserve. Lacey revered her delivery team for the calm they provided when she was experiencing a life-threatening storm and declared, “We would never think of going anywhere else.”