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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Tips to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Include:

  • Install battery-operated or battery back-up carbon monoxide detectors near every sleeping area and on every floor in your home, test them regularly, and replace them every 5 years
  • Do not use a gas range or oven for heating purposes
  • Do not run your vehicle inside the garage even with the doors open.
  • Have gas, oil, or coal-burning appliances and chimneys professionally serviced on a yearly basis and make sure they are properly vented
  • During and after a snow storm, make sure vents for appliances are clear of snow or ice build-up
  • Do not use portable flameless chemical heaters indoors
  • Do not use charcoal or gas grills indoors
  • Do not use generators indoors or less than 20 feet away from any window, door, or vent to your home